Message from Secretary

S Chinnaraj


IKON Nursing School and College is known for providing Quality Nursing Education. The School and College of Nursing founded in 2004 and recognized by Govt. of Karnataka, Indian Nursing Council and Karnataka Nursing Council. The School and college is affiliated to Karnataka State Diploma In Nursing Examination Board and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka respectively.

In an era of global education, success can only be achieved if one makes the right decision at the right time. Your effort in choosing IKON Nursing College as your alma mater should be your best choice and I am pleased to welcome you.

I am happy to highlight that IKON Nursing College is adopting the concept of integrated learning by giving opportunities to students to acquire knowledge and also develop their personality through various extracurricular activities. An important component to achieve academic excellence is having remarkable faculty members filled with skill and passion and we fulfil it.

IKON Nursing College provides a rich and diversified culture to enable the young and budding brain to meet the ever changing global challenges. I am pleased that you have chosen to explore the opportunities that we offer here and I am also confident that you would find your graduation here with excitement and experience.

I am sure that your search for knowledge will definitely find its quench here as we believe in imparting quality education to shape the next generation.

All the best for your exciting career.

- Mr. S Chinnaraj, Secretary